Various music from East

I have a word that has been stuck in my head for many years, even though I totally forget who said it, and how I heard it for the first time. I found that word perfectly describes my taste of music I could not classify, and not explain well enough to others. That word sounded like a magic one for me, and I loved the kind of obscurity that has.We feel safe when we belong to a group or community, but at the same time, we feel superior by doing something different from others. Unstable things make a negative impression sometimes, but that instability will be a fleeting existence in a sense. I mean, of course, our vague and complex feelings vary depending on the mood and the situation.Sounds like a little difficult? I just like to say I am trying to express myself and my feelings as a DJ directly every time without any rules. (I know that will not be a strong reason I can ignore music history, context and manners.)*Please let me make an excuse that I am not such an annoying person like you might imagine!
On this theme, I choose and play music like filling a space of "image". In addition to my mood of the moment, even noises and voices will be my inspiration. By the way, the DJ I admired used to run the party named "Brain" many years ago.

初めて聞いたのが誰の言葉で、どんな場面だったのかすっかり忘れてしまったけど、長い年月の間ずっと頭に残っている言葉がある。 カテゴリー分けもできず、人に説明もできなかった感覚を、この一言が全てまるっと説明してくれた、私にとっては素晴らしい呪文のように思えたし、曖昧さが嬉しかった。
不安定なものにはマイナスなイメージが付きやすいけど、儚いものだと思うと美しく感じたりもする。要するに、人の感覚なんて曖昧で、気分次第でも変わるものだって話。 その時々のシチュエーションがあるんだから、それで当然。小難しい話になってきたっぽいけど、要はその時の感覚をそのまま、ルール無く表現できたらって。