Various music from East


It is not often but you may encounter a mix that Shazam rarely works. This is one of those that belongs to exactly these kinds. Our 34th episode is the longest one so far but actually only a part of over 7hours long play by the guy MADTEO at MOLDIVE party held in 2019. We danced like crazy to his set with countless question marks inside our heads, so if you were not there that night, we hope you will imagine and relive our confusion and blast by listening to this recording.MADTEO is coming back to MOLDIVE on June 22nd. All we want to say here is "You Better Join Us". See you at the NOON.


Our favorite Yuzo Iwata's third appearance on DREAMING MIX is the one recorded live at MOLDIVE held at club NOON, Osaka in January 2024. His era-spanning and boundary-breaking selection with psychedelic scent topped and heavy funkiness infused makes this set very complex and wild. Let's click the play button, and embark on a journey together. We assure of your late-night space-out experience.


Introducing TETSUO, a highly trusted DJ in the Osaka underground and the latest addition to Dreaming Mix. This recording of a special closing set at club NOON last November is build with varied range of vinyls from one-dollar hidden rave gems to classic disco sounds. If you are fed up with formulaic dance music, his undulate groove outputted through UREI mixer will be your game changer, and make you reaffirm how the party you love should be.


For the first mix of 2024, we welcome ffan, the owner of Seoul's club NYAPI, who is active as a DJ mainly in Asia, and is bridging South Korea, Japan and the next generation of the Asian house and disco scene. This mix is a live from October last year at MITSUKI in Tokyo. Maintaining groove and tension, blending old to new, he will take you to his immersive zone, and will not let you go till the end. Thank you ffan!


We close 2023 out with a mix by DNG, a DJ based on Tokyo, a member of rising house music collective "CYK" and also known as a buyer of Lighthouse Records. Before clicking the play button, please be sure to prepare well to get on his funk(y) house train because that keep on joggling violently all through the ride, from departure to arrival. He sent us the tracklist this time, so you will be able to know his timeless selection picked from the archive of house music. Thank you DNG!


Next up on dreaming mix, a 1.5 hour recording from Co-founder of Australia’s Skydiver Records, Mike Wale. Making his debut in Osaka at bar Cauliflower on 12 May 2023 for LONG VACATION with his local favourites Kaito, g’n’b & Keiburger. Weaving between deep house, techno, acid and UK flavours.. one for the heads! Thanks Mike!


Following the last one by g'n'b, another guy of two MOLDIVE residents, KAITO releases his brand new mix, recorded live at MITSUKI, Tokyo on 16 July 2023, on his memorable night alongside YAMARCHY and AKIHIRO. With offensive and extensive selects from old to new, handpicked proper nutriments for party people and a large dose of acid elements, he pushed MITSUKI's orange-lighted floor up to the red zone. You will hear mic'd cheers and shouts of the people throughout the entire 90mins, and know how it was. MOLDIVE will hold their 10th Anniversary party at NOON, Osaka on 28 October 2023. We hope to see you on the floor!


Just before their 10th Anniversary party, we would like to throw down a mix by MOLDIVE's resident DJ, g'n'b. This was recorded live at their last year's party, held at NOON Osaka. He keeps his groove with tingling tension, and gradually runs into a sequence of repeated rises and descents as if expanding the range of the wave, for both deep dive and peak experience in the small hours.
Please listen to this mix and look forward to that Anniversary party on 28th October 2023.


Yuzo Iwata, a composer and DJ born in Saitama, Japan, via Sapporo, and currently based in Berlin, has sent us his live recorded at "BSR Label Nacht @ OHM, Berlin" on 13 July 2023, held by Butter Sessions the label released his album "Kaizu". This is a vinyl-only opening set gradually making a distinctive and psychedelic whirlpool with acid house, rave and Japanese proto-techno things selected and mixed thoughtfully as a deep digger also a record buyer in Berlin. You will know you can not miss his next play in Europe, Berlin and Japan after this mix.
Thank you Yuzo!


Tokyo-based composer/DJ, Little Dead Girl weaved this cracking mix with diverse elements sounding in house music as its main axis. Spaced-out disco/funk, wafting psychedelic techno and blistering drum beats in interaction will take you to the higher state, and make you sweat. If you like this mix, please find her works like "Starfish" on "NC4K COLLECTION Vol​.​4" and remix for Pee.J Anderson's "Propamin". Thank you Little Dead Girl !


Born in Fukuoka and now based in Osaka, producer and DJ GUCHI has delivered a mix perfect for early summer. 60mins of soft psychedelia composed by ambient, downtempo, psychedelic rock and even Japanese song will be your favorite soundtrack after parties.With this mix, please be sure to check out the 12inch compilation "Pals FM: Floor Materials Vol​.​1" including his production released from Walls And Pals in 2022.


The following mix recorded at MOLDIVE at NOON Osaka is by DJ Yukke, who is now based in Okayama and has been working as a dance music buyer at record stores in Fukuoka, Kobe and Osaka. Since the late 90's, he has rocked the dance floor at numerous parties and is very much trusted by the next generation. He always brings a little souvenir to warm everyone up, he always pumps everyone up with his own house music. On this night, he descended like as the “King of the Polar Bears'' and shook the floor up a lot!! Enjoy the miracle journey filled with the moment of immersion where you can let go of yourself…


Next two mixes are the continuous live recorded at MOLDIVE at NOON, Osaka on 19th November 2022. The first half is by Richii, a DJ from Fukuoka, based in Berlin now and a resident of Cocktail d'Amore. Her wonderful set, based on her beloved Italo and EBM, crossing between the 90's and the present era, drawn everyone on the floor into her world before they realize it. Needless to say, we easily felt in love with the groove and atmosphere she creates with her experience on the floor of countless essential parties. Catch her play in Berlin, Europe and Japan next time! Thank you Richii!


Daisuke Kondo, based in Okayama, has released from Laid Bug, Vibraphone Records, Mad Love Records and Altzmusica. Additionally, his brand-new 12inch is coming from Chicago’s Jitney Music next month. He made us this 60mins mix of his own tunes filled with funk and jazz vibes under the influence of Detroit and Chicago House music. Please check out his productions along with this mix.


On 11 June 2022, we had PLO Man and Hashman Deejay at Club Daphnia in Osaka. Our 20th mix is a part of their B2B live at that night. We are sure that you will instantly know how crazy that DREAMING MIX party was, and get into the vortex.


A live from last years NIAGARA party is coming up next on DREAMING MIX. This 2hour smooth flow was played by YAMARCHY from DISKO KLUBB, who is also known as the resident of MITSUKI, the venue making the current of the times in Tokyo. His eclectic selection based on disco and new wave will take you to the specific zone. Enjoy this stream online, and catch him in the real world then.


Our friend in Berlin, Flørist, also known as his moniker Pavilion, sent us a special one. It’s an hour-ish mix of a few vinyls he collected over his summer travels. Chuggy, bouncy, some great basslines, spiritually it’s somewhere between the pacific west coast and Anjuna Beach. Enjoy your trip.
Thank you all for listening to our mixes this year. Stay warm, and see you again next year!


This seamlessly mixed dusty, raw and obscene groove is delivered from Pixie, based in Kobe, and a member of world famous record shop "rare groove". She already got high reputations from her appearances on "VF Live" series run by The Vinyl Factory last year. In this mix, we can hear her timeless selection heavily influenced by the Windy City House Music. Let's lose control.


As his moniker TEKNOBUSKERS, SJ Tequilla has been shooting out the heart of real underground residents in Berlin by his raw and acidic live session inside the tunnel in Warschauer Straße.He has just sent us a mix with the announcement of his return.
SJ Tequilla will stay in Japan at the end of this year with his vinyl collection from Berlin.
Hit him up if you wanna book him for ur party:)


Our long-time friend and partner in crime now based in Fukuoka, S.S.D delivered us his brand-new mix. Timeless, seamless and ruthless selection filled with high concentration of acid will take you to the other side as he is doing at his parties in two cities, "OCTOPUS" in Osaka and "BURNING" in Fukuoka.


Our 14th story is weaved by Eiji Taniguchi from Revelation Time Osaka. As you may know, he and his store have been loved and respected by serious diggers all over the world. This special set focused on "UK Street Soul" tells us how to say goodbye to this burning summer, and get ready for the mellow autumn.


Summer is already here, and they said it will be much hotter than last year...but fortunately, our long-time friend in Kyoto and known as one of the finest disco diggers, AFR made us a perfect shade for this melting season. His own radio program "STONE-COLD CLASSIC'' is also highly recommended. That slot is full of well-crafted stories which will be your favorites not only for this summer but forever and ever.


Next, we will introduce an onsen/sento master in Kobe. Marco, not an Italian guy actually, has joined numerous parties in Kansai religion since late 90's, and has been loved by underground residents. In these melodies, basslines and rhythms, you will hear his four-year experience in the West Coast of the U.S. from 2012. This acidic two-hour live will trance you deeply as if you took a quality hot spring hidden on the mountainside of Arizona or Hyogo prefecture.


We welcome a mysterious guy, Mr. Saitoh Jun from Berlin for the next story. All the music played here sounds like they are completely drunk by countless shots of tequila, and they keep on flowing slowly in your dream, till sunrise.


Next delivery is a mix recorded in the midst of the special party "MOLDIVE x TUFFDISCO" held in January 2022 at club NOON in Osaka, one of the finest, highly trusted and long-standing underground space. This 124min raw mix perfectly captured the atmosphere and energy of the box...1000% illegal vibe for serious ravers.


We are kicking off our mix series of 2022 with this unusual mix by ALUCA, a DJ based in Osaka.Her eclectic selection picked out from various kinds of music will make you feel as if you were looking inside her head, and then you will find your brain is dancing with your body.Enjoy this subtle and weird mix recorded at a gig last year.


This new mix comes from Torei, deep digger and producer.He runs a great label "Set Fire To Me" and holds a party "Megacity" at Grassroots in Tokyo.At the end of the year, just press the play button of this mix on your way to the party.Thanks Torei! See you next year ,Everybody!


This is "Astral projection session(part II of dream)" recorded at Pitch-side studio in Berlin during mid-lockdown on 29 May , 2020. Part I of the sessions was not recorded because everybody there had no idea if it's a dream or reality.. Part III of the sessions will be happening in the near future.
Thanks Logan & Fabio! enjoy!


Here is the music weapon made by real obscure DJ Kano from "Dreaming Mix". It is the surpreme eclectic slow groove composed of Cosmic/Psychedelic Funk/Pops. He always play in his own style, so just listen, it makes you feel paradise.


We’ve got a fresh live mix from our good old fellow called Taki. Rhythm sections working on your motor nerves and modern grooves here and there. Please enjoy the psychedelic romance connecting different moods into one. See you in the illusions.


In 2021, the first is a sophisticated Machine live recording from ind_fris in Okazaki,Aichi. That you'll want to listen to forever 1 hour 23 minutes 51 seconds. Psychedelic and spatial music. Thanks for the wonderful recording!