Various music from East

DJ Saitoh Jun
Mr.Saitoh has been working in Berlin underground vinyl distribution
“dNp” (Diamonds and Pearls) for a couple of years.
He mixed them over the genre for this “Dreaming mix” and also mixed a track in the forthcoming album by “Robotron” from “Shot of T”.
The album will be released on 25th of April distributed by “SJ Tequilla” and “dNp”.

Please contact him if you would like to make a vinyl and spread it out all over the world :)
We are very happy to help you!

Dreaming list/
Anthony Moore & The Missing Present Band - The List - A-Musik Inkasso - Art Des Rassel - Kashual Plastik
Sin - The Man Who Hates Himself (L.A. New School Mix) - GiG Springintgut - Le Peuple De l'Herbe - Pingipung
? -?
Labot Narrow - Black - Muscle Temple
Secret Frequency Crew - Gold - Counterflow
The Gentle People - Journey (Gentle Instrumental) - Rephlex Haruomi Hosono - Teaching Of Sphinx - Sun & Moon
Drum Island - Untitled - Apollo
Robotron - Kamchatkan - ESP Institute
63450 Surgatory - in the mind of ... - Research
TM404 - 202/303/303/606/SY1/TG33 - Kontra-Musik
Robotron - StereoKosmo - Shot of T
Robotron - Ice - ESP Institute
Stacey Pullen - Vertigo - Science
Springintgut - Nacht Am Strand - Pingipung
Dub Tractor - Scary H H Loop - additive
Luke Vibert - Gwithian - Planet Mu
Mono - Slimcea Girl - Echo
G.D. Luxxe - Airforce Two - Breakin' Records

DJ Saitoh Jun