Various music from East

Hi! I'm DNG from CYK and Lighthouse Records in Tokyo.
Honored to share the wonderful tracks with you :)
Track list:
Monchan - XXX Press
Arrow - O' La Soca (Techno Dub)
Forme - Vevey
Silver Zone - High Flyer
Mayaku - Taking Chances
Fred P - Wonderful And New
39 Orbits - Mercury
Jamie Blanco - Sample Bases
Tom Chasteen - Salome Part.2
Jennifer Loveless - B L U YOU (DJ Fett Burger's IIIIIII Lenght Mix)
Kolony Gorky - Orange Sky
Moonman - Rising
Planet People - Reaktor Theory
Rogr13 & Alto - Why Nut
Cityboy - Klax
High Lonesome Sound System - Testimonial
Disco Circus - Over & Over (Dub Version)